Increasing CTR% and decreasing CPCs for Bikmo

Executive Summary 

Despite the many advances in AdWords targeting in recent years, how your account is structured is still the most important thing when it comes to running highly successful AdWords activity.

Properly structuring your account will allow you to take full advantage of all the fantastic targeting options available to you.

Our total restructure of the Bikmo account has allowed them to drive excellent improvements in efficiency in  2017 vs the same period in 2016 (Jan – June)


Bikmo reinvented insurance for the GoPro generation.

They make insuring bikes, kit and people ultra-simple, utilising technology and a thorough understanding of our market to enable our customers to spend more time doing the sports they love.


Previous to working with us Bikmo had managed their own AdWords account, they wanted to work with us so that we could leverage our experience to help them deliver efficiencies in their activity particularly in how we could see performance improvements through non-brand term.

How We Helped 

We approached the restructure in the same way we approach each account rebuild we work on. First, we identified the keywords in the account that were driving traffic and therefore needed to be moved over in to the new account. This was a two-part process involving a keyword report and a search term report; so we could find those keywords driving traffic that maybe weren’t already built out.

Once we had our keyword list we segmented the keywords into campaigns and then used a single keyword per ad group approach to create ad groups. Putting keywords into their own ad group gives us several advantages including total control over the keyword triggered by a search and means we can exactly match keywords and ad copy improving click through rate which is turn helps improve quality score and reduces CPCs.

Once we had our structure we could create highly tailored ad copy and ad extensions and use the most relevant landing pages before setting the account live.


By completing a full restructure of the account and building out highly tailored ad copy to go along with it we delivered

  • 145% increase in CTR
  • 22% reduction in CPCs
  • While spending almost half the money vs the same period in the previous year

Through further and regular optimisations we’re certain this isn’t the end of improvement in the Bikmo account and we’ll be working closely with Bikmo to ensure we’re always on the front foot and looking to expand and grow their AdWords account.

What Bikmo had to say

“Having managed adwords and social advertising internally before, I was initially nervous about engaging Newsham Media  to take over spend on digital channels. After a great recommendation from a contact who runs a large media agency, we engaged their services and have been continually impressed. Not only their  approach to the technical elements of running a campaign, but also their continued attention to detail, creativity in new campaigns, and focus on achieving the best results within our budget”

David George – Bikmo



Newsham Media is part media agency part engineers lab and we only want to work with companies who agree that there is never a reason to rest on your laurels. Want to see how we can help you engineer better results? Then contact us here.