A 300% increase in Facebook page likes for Lavish Alice.


In the past Lavish Alice have always looked for ways to maximise visibility of the content they were producing for facebook and wanted an ad solution that would allow them to reach as many people as possible with that content.

Before working with us they had used the “boost post” option on several occasions to promote posts, with mixed results.

Boosting posts from your page doesn’t give you full access to the full range of targeting options available through facebook. Coming to us allowed Lavish Alice to tap into our expertise in delivering high performing facebook campaigns and with our help have been able to make full use of the extensive targeting capabilities of facebook ads.

“While benefiting from a stable social growth organically, we wanted to reach a wider audience and increase our social following. Since working with Newsham Media we saw a +300% increase in new page likes in the 6-week campaign period helping to boost brand awareness and traffic to site.”

Annie Kacperek: Lavish Alice Digital Marketing Manager


Our first action was to review the Lavish Alice page and who currently likes the page as well as Google Analytics data to look at who our top demographic is.

We then used this data to build multiple ads sets to target users in different ways. First, we decided to target users whose friends already like the page and we split them into those who fell into our look-a-like audiences and those who did not which allowed us allocate budget appropriately based on where we saw the best cost per result.

We then built out a separate ad set targeting those users who had engaged with Lavish Alice posts in the past but had not liked the page. These users had already shown a willingness to engage with the brand so we wanted to try and re-engage them to allow us to maintain visibility of the brand as well as allow us to better target these users with ads at a later point.

On top of the activity specifically targeted at driving page likes we have also seem a growth in likes from our prospecting and retargeting activity, while serving their primary purpose these campaigns have also served a secondary purpose of helping to deliver 34% of the total likes that the activity has driven.


increase in new page likes within 6 weeks


increase in total page likes within 6 weeks


of total like growth


Our main goals were to drive revenue and help increase the visibility of their facebook page (by growing likes) so that it was on a par with their Instagram page, which has more than double the likes of their facebook page.

Using targeted facebook ad campaigns we were able to grow Lavish Alice facebook page likes by 300% vs the previous period. This has helped to improve brand visibility and awareness but also offers us a platform to better target users more cost effectively with other advertising activity.