A 400% Improvement In Lavish Alice ROI.


Given the more tailored product catalogue Lavish Alice have vs some of their biggest competitors it makes it hard to bid on some of the higher volume top level generics, which meant we had to make sure we had to adopt a longer tail strategy.

Considering the size of some of their competitors it is also vital we get as much value as possible from every pound spent. This meant we had to be very deliberate with our optimisations and ensure that we were consistent with updating modifiers in line with historical data, our lower budget meant it was important that we looked at long term trends rather than making snap decisions on a few weeks of data.

“From the support for Newsham Media we have seen PPC increase considerably with revenue +33% since launch. This has helped drive our business growth with session value increasing and exceeding our minimum ROI targets.”

Annie Kacperek: Lavish Alice Digital Marketing Manager


First, we decided that the account needed to be restructured. We approached the restructure in the same way we approach each account rebuild we work on, first we identified the keywords in the account that were driving traffic and therefore needed to be moved over in to the new account. This was a two-part process involving a keyword report and a search term report so that we could find those keywords driving traffic that maybe weren’t already built out. After this we compared our keyword list to what was on the site to ensure we had full coverage of all the product on site and added any keywords we felt were missing.

Once we had our keyword list we segmented them into campaigns based on product type and then used a single keyword per ad group approach to create ad groups.

Putting keywords into their own ad group gives us several advantages including total control over the keyword triggered by a search and means we can exactly match keywords and ad copy improving click through rate which is turn helps improve quality score and reduces CPCs.

Once we had our structure we then created highly tailored ad copy and ad extensions and use the most relevant landing pages before setting the account live.

Once the account was live we set out on a consistent optimisation strategy to deliver continually improving results month on month. While we made use of the full range of optimisations available to us we saw the biggest impact from the following actions,

  • Audience modifiers
    • Alerting bids based on past behaviour has allowed us to better target potential customers
  • Demographic modifiers
    • Allowing us to exclude certain age groups from our activity and then alter bids for had a fantastic impact on ROI, allowing to ensure our ads were being seen more often by the people we think will buy our products.
    • This meant more money invested into our key demographics, increasing impression share which meant more of the eyeballs we want on our ads.
  • Search term reports (extensive negative additions using shared lists)
    • STRs are incredibly important optimisation tools and we made maximum possible use of them to build extensive (and ever expanding) negative lists which helped reduce the number of unwanted impressions and clicks.
  • Device modifiers
    • The device users interact with our ads and site has a huge impact on performance in the modern digital landscape. We have been able to leverage device modifiers to ensure we’re being seen more often on the devices where we drive the most sales while reducing impression share on those devices where we don’t see adequate revenue.


increase in revenue


increase in ROI


increase in per session value


The results we have seen over the last few months have been excellent and we’re now delivering revenue in line with what we saw during peak times last year. This has set us up perfectly to make even bigger gains as we approach 2017’s peak months.

The even better news? We’ve only started to scratch the surface of what we can achieve and by working closely with Lavish Alice we’re certain we’ll be able to drive growth in this account for a long time to come.