Our Take On… AdWords ad rotation changes

A few days ago Google announced that they’d be making changes to their ad rotation options with 4 options becoming 2. You can read more about it here if you haven’t already.

At the moment we have the option to optimise ad rotation to get the most clicks (show the ads with the best CTR% most often),  optimise ad rotation to get the most conversions (show the ads with the best conversion rate most often), rotate evenly for 90 days then optimise for clicks and rotate indefinitely.

In the future we’re only getting the option to “optimise” which will optimise for clicks or conversions (we don’t like the sound of that or) or “do no optimise” (the old rotate indefinitely).

Those of us who advertise on AdWords are now well used to Google throwing the odd spanner in the works and us having to react but what do these changes actually mean for us?

Our first reaction which we’ve already alluded to is a loss of control. We always recommend that in a business as usual situation advertisers optimise ads for clicks as in our opinion ads are there to drive clicks and for the most part don’t have a huge impact on conversion rates so picking the option that maximises clicks was the obvious pick for us.

We’re now slightly worried about what “optimise” will do, we like having total control over performance and set up our accounts and choose settings that allow us to have as much control as possible and this ambiguity in what “optimise” does makes us more than a little nervous but I suppose we’ll need to wait and see what the impact actually looks like in the wild once the change starts rolling out at the end of next month.

On a positive note AdWords does have a habit of taking something away from us to free up some processing power to give us something new, so hopefully they’re freeing space for a new feature. Ad scheduling for device modifiers would be nice.